After a false start in April and a restart of the same two 30 day challenges in May I have some results.

I chose to play guitar every day for 30 minutes and failed spectacularly. This has allowed me to reflect on how realistic my 30 day challenges should be. Yes, I want to push myself, but finding an extra 30 minutes a day is just a pain in the arse sometimes. I look forward to continuing my guitar practice without the pressure of following a strict schedule. From now on I think I should focus on one challenge each month.

My second challenge for May was to get up at 6am every morning. It turns out that this suits me very well, I did miss a few days (especially at weekends). I do have to go to bed a little earlier than before, but having a more relaxed morning start with a period of quiet time before commuting to work has made my day less hectic. I shall be continuing with this for the foreseeable future. I should add that if you have not tried the Sleep Cycle app (or something similar) then I recommend that you do, I am not sure I could have done this without it and it helped ease me out of my groggy mornings.

So, what to do this month… I plan to start regular exercise. That means either cycling to work, dumbbell exercises, swimming or going for an evening run. I am very unfit and hope that this will help me to obtain a basic level of fitness. Combined with my new morning start time, I should be able to cobble together something that works for me. I will not be doing this every day. I’m not stupid, I know I’ll need rest days, and I know I’ll need to listen to my body.