Oliver Lorton A personal weblog


I love understanding how things work, in particular, computers and the internet. This thirst for knowledge started whilst I was at primary school when I was introduced to a BBC Micro Computer Model B 32k.

Once I realised that I could do more than just play games I started programming in Basic, building clever text menus, solving puzzles, and building my own Teletext clone. I was hooked. During the late 90’s I dabbled in some assembly programming, C, VisualBasic, etc. But never really captured the wonder of my early BBC Micro experiences. That is, until the early 2000’s when I was introduced to the combination of the Linux desktop and the internet.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and these days, you’ll find me building Symfony or Python based web apps for White October, catching up with the PHPOxford meetup group that I founded, trying to decide which motorbike I’ll buy once I’ve passed my test, swearing at Arsenal Football Club, climbing another mountain in the Lake District, tending to my tomato plants, avoiding eating tomatos, attempting to make my analog synth sound ok-ish, thinking about mowing the lawn, but mostly just trying to be fitter, happier, and more productive.


Should you need to, you can reach me by email oliverlorton@gmail.com, or twitter (@olorton), but it had better be good.